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Room: 234
Phone: +49 231 755-7733
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E-Mail: igor.vatolkintu-dortmund.de
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[If you are interested in bachelor or master thesis in Music Information Retrieval / Computational Intelligence for MIR, please drop me an email!]
01.2015: Paper "Interpretability of Music Classification as a Criterion for Evolutionary Multi-Objective Feature Selection" is accepted for EvoMUSART 2015
12.2014: Paper "Exploration of Two-Objective Scenarios on Supervised Evolutionary Feature Selection: a Survey and a Case Study (Application to Music Categorisation)" is accepted for EMO 2015
10.2014: Proseminar Established and actual approaches in feature selection started
01.2014: Call for abstracts for Statistical Musicology at ECDA 2013
07.2013: Project group 577 "Music recommender systems - automatic generation of playlists for music discovery" will start in winter term 2013/2014 (see list of project groups)
06.2013: PhD Improving Supervised Music Classification by Means of Multi-Objective Evolutionary Feature Selection is available online
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